The Apprentice Collect

Teach us good Lord, to be thankful for all the good times we have had, the skills which we have learned, the friendships we have shared and the companionship which we have enjoyed. May all who have shared the apprenticeship of the "wheel" be mindful of the needs of one another, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


 589915 R.C. Ron(Dan) Archer a/f  19-Sep-1996
589880 J. John Barker elec Feb-2011
680129 R. Ron Bates a/f 09-Sep-2012
680042 A.R.   Boothby eng Apr-2008
589900 A.W. Tony Butler a/f Jan-1955
589735 B. Bernard Cane arm Nov-2013
680140 I.E.L. Ian Chattin arm Dec-1999
680152 B. Baz Clake a/f 13-Jul-2009
589930 D.G. Dave Clark a/f 04-Mar-2010
589957 J.W. Jim Courchee a/f 09-Apr-2017
680021 M.F.J. Martin Cox a/f Mar-2013
680022 R.S. Bob Crossland a/f 01-Mar-2017
589927 R.P. Dick Davisson a/f 11-Jan-2010
589945 L.E. Ollie Dunstan arm Dec-2002
589943 M. 'Lofty'
Easthope arm 2010
589975 M.R. Mike Edmonds a/f 15-Apr-2010
680147 J. Jim Forbes arm


680156 A. Alan Gaskell arm  1981
680153 R.P. Reg Hallam elec 1999
680083 M.J. Malcolm Hamment a/f Jan-2002
589980 A.V.L. Tony Hatcher eng 1958/59
680116 M. "Hank" Hauxwell arm 1960s
589911 L.A.J.   Hitchman a/f 1980s
680028 A.D. Alan
Howell eng 10-Feb-2016
680054 G. Geoff Hunter a/f 15-Oct-2015
680011 A.G. Tony Jupp arm 31-Mar-2010
680038 J.G. John Kirtland eng 21-Feb-2014
589962 F.D. David Kitchen arm 15-May-2007
589928 M. Mick Lee a/f Apr-2000
680024 F.J. Fred Loxton a/f Dec-2012
589966 R. Roy Mellor a/f


680106 P. Peter Miles a/f 2013
589890 G.H.B. George Henry (Tweet) Millington eng 1977
589965 M. Michael Mines Arm 6-Apr-2015
589907 J.G. Jim Money inst 2-Sep-2012
589902 A.J. Andy Mullin a/f Jul-1992
680033 G. Geoff Noyon eng 18-Jul-2013
589913 D.G. Dave Parr a/f 1997
589952 D.A. Dave Partridge elec Sep-2008
680110 R.D. David Prentice Inst 1961
680085 D. Derek Pycock inst Apr-2005
680117 D.O. Derek Roberts a/f 20-May-2013
680035 P.M. Peter Rowland inst 07-Oct-2012
 589903 T.S. Tom Sarginson a/f 2000
680093 A.J. Alan Seal inst 26-May-2014
589938 P.J.
  Seaman a/f 19-Oct-1965
589908 R.D. Tom Trender eng Sep-2015
589961 M.G.  'Wat' Tyler arm 15-Dec-2005
589977 G. George Watt a/f 10-Jan-2010
589924 R.J. Rob Winterbottom elec 22-Jul-2009
680068 J.S.   Wright inst Jun-1998