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More official pictures

This page contains all other official photographs taken whilst we were at Halton and if necessary links to further pages.



Block 4 Room 2

BR 'Boris' Walker, 'Dia' Sheperd, Pete Rowland, Roy Jesson, Keith Mackay

'Lefty' Wright

MR Eddie Swirles, Les Pinder, Alan seal, Dave Voden, 'Lofty' Pycock

Dave Prentice, Tony Slater, 'Ginger' Rose

FR Dickie Webb, Charlie Letchford, Brian Norton, Glynn Reece

John Bowery, Tony Sharp, Jim Money





Block 4 Room 4 1954.

BR Alan Pepper, Geoff Noyon, Terry Smith, Smith, Geoff. Orchard, Smith

MR Scott, Glyn Ramsden, D. Milner, Bill Savill, Dave Shorter, Brian Prickett, Pete Smethurst, Sheehan, Ollason

FR Ormaston, Ratcliffe, L/A 72nd, Rimington?, Pete Shipp, A. Olson

Block 4 Room 5 1954.

BR Hugh McGregor, Tony Middleton, Alan Kidson, Dave Kiddell, H Millington,

Ted Knight(121).

MR Philip Hoyle, Alan Howell, Mick Hatcher, Ron Kirk, Jim Maude, M Harlow,

W Jones, John Kent, Brian Harvey

FR Mick Hockin, Dickie Marion, Brian Knight(067), Butch Quinn, Curly Kertland,

Hank Hankins, Bernard Jamieson

Block 3 Room 1 1954

BR A Mclean, G Brown, A. Mack, R. Bates, M. Thornton

MR B. Leighton, J. Poulter, M. Moore, B. Betts, J. Hallet, B. Clake, D. Sidall

FR D. Roberts, B. Forder, J. Bingham, B. Jones, K. Welch, S. Adams





Block 3 Room 3 September 1954

BR Clive Upjohn, Rod Rumsby, Brian Hill, Fred Loxton, Martin Cox,

       Ian Hudson

MR Fred Thompson, Paul Jackson, Paul Seaman, John Courchee,

       Dickie Davisson, George Dennis, John Dew, Bob Crossland

FR Mick Lee, Allan Rogers, Tich Howland, Robin Hudson, Dan Archer,

       Paul Mansbridge


Block 6 Room 3 1954.

BR T.A. Gowans, J.P. Smale, Lewer, R. Frost, D. Dicker, I.M. Crowe,                 M. Grocott.

MR M.T. Harris, D.F.S. Boxall, R.B. Harper, B. Baines, M. Easthope, Staines, Macer.

FR D.A. Partridge, T.K. Champion, J.M. Stent, Dunmore, L.E. Dunstan, Land,   B. Crook, N.E. Keay

Block 6 Room 4 1954.

BR M. Stone, ?, ? J. Holland, M. Mines, R.K. Merrison.

MR M.G. Tyler, Parker, A.W. Bowyer, E. Williams, J.F. Lawn, Cox, Grady,    B.F. Lamb

FR R.A. Burden, R.S. Hutchings, B.J. Reynolds, Butlin, Jock Forbes, Mansfield,  N.B. Phillips, R.P. Hallam.

Block 6 Room 5 1954.

BR A.G. Jupp, G.R. Cluse, Wright, N.S. Wheaton, McDonald, Butcher

MR Goodwin, J.A. Mills, G. Booth, Grundy, M.J.T. Williams, Holland, Tilly, T.J.B. Murphy

FR J.D.J. Glossop, E.L. Miller, D.J Luke, D.M.Butler, R.W. Riddell,                      J. Fennimore, R. Winterbottom, L.E. Royl.


  2 Squadron 3 Wing 78th Entry, July 1957

3 Wing Cross Country Team

BR ?, Glyn Ramsden, ? 74th?, Mick Hockin

FR ?, Dad ?, W.C. Brinn, Les Pinder

Some of the photographs on this page, particularly the athletic ones may contain other than members of the 78th Entry.

3 Wing Athletics Team

BR ?, John Dumbleton, George Sweet, Paddy Brown , ?, Trev Champion, Brian Close, Glyn Ramsden

MR Ted Madge, Matt Trotter, ?, Al Gaskell, ?, Ginger Rose, Mick Hockin,


FR John Castle,Joe Trotter, F.O. Ford?, W.C. Brinn, Les Pinder, Mick Mills

Saint George's Church Servers 1955.

BR Rod Abbott(not78), ?, Michael Blundell, Glyn Ramsden, Roy Throsby       (not78)

MR D. Stone, Alan Kidson, P.O. Joe Aldridge, Colin Lake(not78), Mick Brewer

FR John Cooper(78?), Brian Boardman, Fr. T. Parsons, John Rackham, Vic Dredge(not78)

Michael Blundell was a civilian from Halton village.