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March and April Newsletters and report of Last Posting of Ron Corner                            7 April 2021

April Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Members,

Requiescat in Pace- Ronald William CORNER
It is with sadness and regret that I must advise you of the death of Ron, as we new him at Halton, latterly known as Bill, whom passed awayin France on 1st.April 2021. I was informed of Bill’s passing in an email from his Cousin, Ian Corner,  evening 5th April.

78th Entry Memoriam Bench update
I had intended to advise you all, in due course, of the latest situation regarding our Memoriam Bench, kindly procured for the Association by our Hon.Treasurer Baz Bailey, though the good offices of his close friends and professional associates, with whom he worked during Baz’ post-RAF career.  The passing of Ron Corner has somewhat precipitated my issue of that Newsletter! Baz has now collated the necessary documentation, regarding the Bench’s design and public liability/safety information, together with three photographs of the Bench and a prospectus of the Company that designed and manufactured the Item. These documents and photographs Baz has passed to me for onward transmission, to The Imperial War Museum (IWM), as our Associations offer for siting the Bench at IWM (formerly RAF) Duxford, Cambridgeshire. Barry Forder’s elder son Nick, who has extensive knowledge and experience of Military Museums, has provided some welcome advice as to the identity of influential individuals, within the IWM, through whom our Bench offer should be made, and I’m pleased to say Baz and I have agreed on a Four Star RAF GD (‘Aircrew’ for those of you who had forgotten the term!) Officer, with a BEng degree, as an excellent candidate through which our offer should be made. The remaining ‘hurdle’ to be negotiated is that IWM have effectively closed, due the the Corona Virus pandemic, until further notice! However, courtesy of another close friend of Baz, we have obtained an Internet ‘link’ which I am ‘monitoring’ so that, as soon as IWM are ‘open for business’, I am fully prepared to send the Bench Documentation package. ‘Fingers Crossed’, and Best Regards to All,

John Poulter

Newsletter March 2021

Greetings Fellow Members,

Association Memoriam Bench - Venue Ballot Result

Firstly, thank you Fellow Members for recording a 72% Poll, in establishing the democratic decision of the Venue to which the Bench should be offered. A 72% participation in any democratic Poll is something for which many Local Authority Returning Officers would be very grateful!
The Result of the Poll is as follows:
First:- 17 Votes (34%) - The IWM Duxford;
Second:- 13 Votes (26%) - Cosford Museum;
Third;- 3 Votes (6%) - St George’s Church, Halton;
Fourth:- 2 Votes (4%) - RAF Hendon;
Fifth:- 1 Vote (2%) - General, but uncommitted, support.

Baz is compiling a dossier reflecting the specification of the bench, with regard to its suitability for installation into a public venue, together with a brief history of our Association’s Aircraft Apprenticeship at the RAF No. 1 School of Technical Training. I should mention that our offer, to donate the Bench to IWM Duxford, cannot be synonymous with Duxford accepting the offer; they may very well decline - it is their Museum! I will update you all in due course.

Books which may interest you

‘HALTON’ by Paul Tunbridge (ex Brat 36th Entry). ISBN 0-7212-0894-0, published by Buckland Publications 12, High Holborn, London, WC1V 6QA:
This is fairly comprehensive history of the background and developing engineering philosophy of the RAF, focussed on Royal Air Force Halton and
No 1 S of TT. There are some minor anomalies relating to our 3 years at Halton - page 112 refers to Lord Trenchard’s last act as Reviewing Officer in August 1955 but, unfortunately, cites the graduating Entry as having been the 57th, whereas it was the 72nd Entry that graduated on that occasion! Further, the Commandant of No 1 S of TT at that time was Air Commodore Tyndal-Carill-Worsley, (irreverently referred to by us Brats as ‘Tin-Can-Willy), not Air Commodore Rutter, whom we learn, from the List of Commandants recorded at Annex A (page 126), had never held the Commandant post!
Minor quibbles aside ‘Halton Boys’ is an interesting, enjoyable read and, at £14.95, is well worth the money.

HALTON BOYS by Sean Feast, ISBN 9-7811-9116-2194-2 published by Grub Street Publishing, 4 Rainham Close, London SW11 6SS .
This book was not written by an ex Brat. It focusses on the subsequent achievements of notable individuals from throughout Halton’s history, some of
whom are entirely predictable, such as Frank Whittle, inventor of the jet engine. It was pleasing to learn that a member of the 78th Entry is one of the Ex-Brats whose subsequent career, as a Flt Engineer, is documented. To find out who it is you’ll have to purchase Halton Boys, it will cost you £25.00 although the RAFHAA are selling it at a slightly lower price.

NO ORDINARY HERCULES by Alan Kidson ISBN 978-1-913675-09-7 published by Honeybee Books, 68 Baptist Well Street, Swansea, West
Glamorgan, SA1 6FB
Some 2,500 Hercules aircraft have been built since 1954, 66 for the Royal Air Force. Although some of the aircraft were modified over the years it is unlikely
that any have been modified to the extent that XV208 was. The aircraft went through the standard air transport, troop carrying and air drop
roles before morphing into what became the finest meteorological research aircraft in the world. It covered the globe, from the Arctic to Australia and
Namibia to the North Cape. When Satellites became the Met Office latest research vehicles, another job was found for the aircraft. The Hercules replacement for the R.A.F. was the EU Airbus A400 Atlas, which required its new power plants to be tested. The vehicle chosen by Marshall Aerospace for this job was XV208. This book covers these changes with the help of illustrations and an author
whose experience includes some four years and 2000 flying hours on the aircraft in the first two of its roles.

John Poulter

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