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September Newsletter                                                                           29 September 2021

April Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Members,


78th Entry Memoriam Bench update
I had intended to advise you all, in due course, of the latest situation regarding our Memoriam Bench, kindly procured for the Association by our Hon.Treasurer Baz Bailey, though the good offices of his close friends and professional associates, with whom he worked during Baz’ post-RAF career.  The passing of Ron Corner has somewhat precipitated my issue of that Newsletter! Baz has now collated the necessary documentation, regarding the Bench’s design and public liability/safety information, together with three photographs of the Bench and a prospectus of the Company that designed and manufactured the Item. These documents and photographs Baz has passed to me for onward transmission, to The Imperial War Museum (IWM), as our Associations offer for siting the Bench at IWM (formerly RAF) Duxford, Cambridgeshire. Barry Forder’s elder son Nick, who has extensive knowledge and experience of Military Museums, has provided some welcome advice as to the identity of influential individuals, within the IWM, through whom our Bench offer should be made, and I’m pleased to say Baz and I have agreed on a Four Star RAF GD (‘Aircrew’ for those of you who had forgotten the term!) Officer, with a BEng degree, as an excellent candidate through which our offer should be made. The remaining ‘hurdle’ to be negotiated is that IWM have effectively closed, due the the Corona Virus pandemic, until further notice! However, courtesy of another close friend of Baz, we have obtained an Internet ‘link’ which I am ‘monitoring’ so that, as soon as IWM are ‘open for business’, I am fully prepared to send the Bench Documentation package. ‘Fingers Crossed’, and Best Regards to All,

John Poulter

Newsletter September 2021

Greetings Fellow Members,

Requiescat in Pace. Firstly, I regret I have some unhappy news; I am saddened to advise that Rod Rumsby’s wife, Grace, passed away from a
throat cancer. She had recently undergone remedial surgery, initially recovering well, but relapsed, such that she could no longer take food, finally
succumbing on the 6th September 2021. Rod and Grace, having originally met whilst they were both in Secondary School, were together for some 70
years, and Grace has always accompanied Rod to our Association Reunions. Their two daughters are supporting Rod during this unhappy time.

I can advise that I have sent a Commiserations and Condolences card, to Rod and his family, from our Chairman, Committee and Members.

Association Annual Subscriptions. It being September, Baz has asked me to remind you that, for those that are not already ‘in credit’, he is ready to
accept this years ‘subs’.

However, bearing in mind that over 80% of our Membership have access to the internet, and that the Oakham, Rutland branch of Lloyds Bank will be
closing in November ‘21, necessitating for Baz, who lives in Rutland, a trek into Leicester, to bank your cheques, electronics can come to our collective

Those of you who already are familiar with ‘on-line’ banking will be fully conversant with the Bankers Automated Clearing System (BACS) which
enables a safe route to remit funds. Those of you whom are familiar, please ignore the next paragraphs, I have no wish to teach my ‘grandparent ontemporaries’ to “suck eggs”!! However, for those of you whom are not ‘electronically connected’, Alan ‘Baz’ Bailey will continue to receive your
cheques at No 4, Griffiths Close, OAKHAM, Rutland, LE15 6FP. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the BACS system, all you will need is defined

    ‘BACS’ Format                                                                                                                                               Details To Be Entered
The full name of the receiving Account:                                                                                                    The 78th Entry Association.
The Sort Code of the receiving Bank:                                                                                                         30-94-72.
The Account Number (8 digits):                                                                                                                  0910356.
The Account Type:                                                                                                                                          Business.
The Payee Name:                                                                                                                                            The 78th Entry Association.**
Reference:                                                                                                                                                        Your Name & Initial suffixed ‘subs’.
Amount (£5.00 per annum)                                                                                                                        Enter the relevant amount.
When would you like this to be sent.                                                                                                         Now, or the date you wish it to go.

** Do not enter Hon. Treasurer’s Name as the Account Name has to match the previous entry, which was recorded in full. Note also that the
Payee Name, this time, will not enter in full as the ’Fixed Format’ is space-limited. It records only sufficient information to ensure a match
with the original Information.

Those of you that utilise ‘finger print’ or ‘Touch’ identification, on the ‘Home’ button of your Smart Phone, will be required to operate that process to
conclude the transaction. Those not using the ‘Touch’ system will be required to verify the transaction by your default identification system.

AGM/Reunion Information

As yet, and because of COVID-19, there is no further information. Further, and because we are hoping to install the Association Memoriam Bench at the
Imperial War Museum (IWM) Duxford, we still await the IWM to open their system to receiving and consideration of all and any such Donations; again,
we are at the mercy of COVID-19, and of our own advanced years!!

However, one piece of good news, Isle of Wight (IOW) Tours has risen, Phoenix-like, from its ‘ceased-trading’ status and will be able to provide its
unique brand of support to ex-Military Associations such as ourselves. I have alerted IOW Tours as to our intentions when the Pandemic constraints have
sufficiently relaxed, and assuming that IWM Duxford respond positively to our offer. Until then we must Keep our Fingers Crossed, Keep Calm and Carry
Kind Regards to All our Members,

John Poulter


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