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Reunions and other non service photographs

Non Service Photographs

Reunion 2001


Photographs from the 2001 reunion held at Milton Keynes.

Reunion 2002


Photographs taken at the reunion in 2002 held in Cambridge.

Reunion 2003


Photographs taken at the 2003 reunion held in Cambridge.

50th Anniversary Reunion 2004


Photographs from the 2004 reunion held in Telford and the 2004 RAFHAAA Triennial.

Image 2 shows pre dinner drinks being enjoyed, 3 our piper, 6 our banner and 7 and 8 Cosford Station church where we held our short service.

Images 9 and 10 show the 78th contingent at the Triennial at Halton and 11 and 12 show our piper "Nobby" Clark, who has sadly since passed away, with some of the "Golden Oldies".

Reunion 2006


Photographs from the 2006 reunion held in York.

Reunion 2007


Photographs from the 2007 reunion held at the Holiday Inn Aston Clinton.

Reunion 2010



Photographs taken at the 2010 renion held at the Holiday Inn Weston Turville. Photo1 shows Alan Kidson, Glyn Ramsden, Philip Hoyle and Mick Hockin - the first time all four had met together since July 1957.

60th Anniversary Reunion 2014

Standing L toR
Tony Philip Mike Glyn Les Jim Tony Tom Barry Monty Tony Clive John Jim George Jack
Middleton Hoyle Hockin Ramsden Pinder Maude Collins Trender Forder Crowe Bowyer Upjohn Castle Lawn Lyall Simpson
Rod Hugh Brian
Rumsby MacGregor Leighton
Seated L to R
Terry Roy Mick Alan John John Dave John John Roy
Turner Jesson Hutchinson Bailey Poulter Dumbleton Kiddel Kent Dew Mellor